It’s not about film, but it is ace…

So, I’ve been pretty rubbish with film watching and reading in the last month.  Consequently I haven’t blogged that much; it would have been boring.

Reading wise I have even shelved the Jack Cardiff autobiography.  But I haven’t not been reading.  Okay, it’s not about film, but Steven Pinker’s book about violence: The Better Angels of Our Nature – A History of Violence and Humanity, is amazing.Image

It was featured on the Culture Show as it had been nominated for the Samuel Johnson prize and I was interested.  I then managed to watch the end of one of the thousands of documentaries about the Nazis that are continuously on telly and felt that I really needed to read a book that tried to prove that we are getting less violent.  It felt important that I know that.  Anyway, it is over eight hundred pages long, but I completely recommend it.  I’m going to email him when I am finished and tell him how brilliant it is.

I did also manage to get back on the 100 top films list yesterday and will blog all about Touki-Bouki if I have time tonight.

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