About me

UPDATE – January 2023

Now Deputy Head for Quality of Education at the same school and film/English teacher. Mum of two girls and pretty busy…

UPDATE – February 2018

I am now (since August 2016) an Assistant Head in charge of GCSE results at a big city college in Leicester. I have also moved house again and live in a lovely village in Leicestershire. I am still keeping up with film when I can, mainly through podcasts and Netflix…

UPDATE – February 2014

I have now become Subject Leader for English at a different college in Leicestershire and this accounts for my lack of blogging. However, it’s now even more important that I am creative and keep researching film…

October 2012

I’m the head of media and film at an upper school in Leicestershire.

I have an English degree.

And an inferiority complex.

Therefore, I am desperate to learn more about film; the thing I was always interested in anyway.

The department has a website, which is pretty aces – www.rswebsites.co.uk/mediafilm

Hope you like the blog – it would be great to start a dialogue, so please leave some comments.


4 thoughts on “About me

  1. cecilymae says:

    But I didn’t get your email about cards.

  2. cJoey says:

    yes, if you change your pic for a real one.

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