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What a weekend!

I’m not very good on my own.  Never have been.  I finally lived alone at 28 for a year and learnt ways to enjoy it.  Most of them involved making my house obsessively neat and pretty, watching a lot of films, reading compulsively and having a drink or two.

I had the opportunity to re-live that time this weekend as M went away to London to see a gig.  I set myself up with an excellent film marathon on the Saturday afternoon and night, had a stash of film magazines to get through and watched one of my Top 100 films

.  film mags pic

3 dvds picture


I’m not going to gild the truth.  I didn’t get out of my pyjamas, I did employ the duvet, I did drink one too many Singapore Slings and I did review the films with my crocheted Hobbes.  I’m not ashamed, it was a great day.

Anyway – the films!  My Man Godfrey is amazing – I love William Powell and have added The Thin Man to my wishlist.  The two other films weren’t as amazing, but Jack Lemmon is in them so I don’t really care.

Holiday reading.

I had a lovely half-term of film related activity – the V&A exhibition, ‘Imitation of Life’ and creative task and some reading.  I really enjoyed the Judy Holliday biography by Gary Carey.  Dad and I found this on Swanage railway station for 50p.  It’s actually a first edition and so I’m pleased with my purchase.  I have really loved Judy Holliday since seeing ‘Born Yesterday’ a year ago and have now ordered ‘It Should Happen To You’, also starring Jack Lemmon (another favourite).

And look at the jigsaw we did!