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Screenwriting course – assignments 1 and 2

These are the first two assignments for my screenwriting course. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Assignment 1

The Apartment (1960)
C. C. Baxter, a lowly worker from the masses is squirming his way in to the bosses’ favour by lending them his apartment for their dirty affairs. Miss Kubelik, the cute, damaged elevator girl, is the brightest part of his day. Unfortunately, she knows his home intimately. After cruel misunderstandings and lots of gin rummy, she finally sees the light.

My story:

The effects of war on a relationship. Josie has been married for 6 months to Rob, a UN peacekeeper, when he is blown up by a roadside IED. They go on a journey of recovery, which tests them entirely. Initially, this is physical rehabilitation, but the emotional and mental trauma is a more difficult challenge and they have to find and learn about each other again.

Assignment 2

A character that resonated with me:
I watched Amadeus at about 4 1/2 when I was meant to be tucked up in bed. I was completely engrossed in it and it led to me thinking I was Mozart for a while and wanting to be addressed as him. However, the character that intrigued me was Saliari. His bitterness and honesty were revelatory and his realisation of his own mediocrity was so brutal and adult.

A 1/2 page of my story:

As we see our protagonist Laura have a seemingly loving and sensual encounter, we cross-cut to a soldier being blown up by an IED in Afghanistan. Laura has decided that her six year marriage to an absent soldier is no longer making her happy after an intense liaison with a man from work. She leaves the marital home after writing a note and taking a final glance at the romantic image of how he proposed (candles, stones on a beach spelling out the question). The phone starts ringing as she shuts the door. As she kisses her new partner as he starts to drive her away, her mobile rings. Her husband has been seriously wounded.
At the airport his facial disfigurement is hidden until he gets very close. He is a shell of a man. They start the physical rehabilitation and she throws herself in to it to hide her guilt. However, the mental wounds are harder to heal and he is having continual flashbacks, nightmares and outbursts of anger. She is feeling increasingly isolated and pressured and is thinking of leaving. He finds the letter she wrote (in her panic she had just tucked it in to a book) and is devastated. He recreates the engagement scene in the garden, but with ‘I’m sorry’ and she realises that her husband is in there somewhere and starts a reconciliation.

I’m a bad person…

I can offer lots of excuses – I have had a really demanding job responsible for 17 people, I’ve bought my first house, moved in and helped with some decorating, my boyfriend has been made redundant…  However, basically I’m a terrible person and an awful blogger.

Anyway, Mark took me for a special Valentine’s Social Cinema screening at the Phoenix last night.  They were playing my favourite film of all time (if such a thing is possible), The Apartment, with a quiz, special food and a fun atmosphere.  After coming second in the quiz (free Phoenix tickets and a meal!), Mark reminded me that I hadn’t blogged for a while and as it is half-term and I only have a little bit of work to do, I’m going to get on it and start focusing on my love for film.Image

PS – The Phoenix is amazing, Leicester is very lucky to have it and I must make sure I use it more often.

The List.

I am going to use the 2012 Sight and Sound critics’ list, available here –

I am going to go in descending order and therefore I am going to start with the joint 93rd films of:

The Seventh Seal, Bergman, 1957

Un Chien Andalou, Bunuel, 1928

Intolerance, Griffith, 1916

A One and a Two, Yang, 1999

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, Powell/Pressburger, 1943

Touki Bouki, Mambety, 1973

Madame de…, Ophuls, 1953

Imitation of Life, Sirk, 1959

Go and visit it!

The plan.

Film and creative challenges are a passion.  For the last three years I have been using flickr to remind me to be creative.  I have completed the 365 challenge, a topic a week and a photographer a month – results on

I would love to do an MA in film, but until I have the funding and the time I thought I could start making an effort to widen my film knowledge here.  But, I don’t want to consider film in a purely academic, critical way.

So – the plan.  I will use the critics’ choice top 100 from the 2012 Sight and Sound poll as a guide.  I will watch and write something (maybe a review, focus on an area of film language, consider some theory) and then use it as a springboard for creativity – possibly a photograph, poem, collage, alternate poster.  Theory into practice, practice into theory.

This is a big challenge and may take me a while, but all learning is good learning.  I will also document any books I read or other films I see of interest.

I thought I would start off the creativity by posting one of my photos from the Film exhibition by Tacita Dean.

At the Tate Modern