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‘Neville Rumble’ (2013) – useful contacts!

A colleague of mine at school recently revealed that he was making films, which is always lovely to hear, especially in the local area. He lent me a copy of his most recent work – ‘Neville Rumble’ a full-length, well-made film that has some great performances and a gripping storyline. I’m hoping I can get involved in some way for his next picture, even if it’s just previewing it.

French film lesson – ‘Être Et Avoir’ (2002)

Kate, Françoise  and I had a lovely couple of French lessons on the 14th and 21st March when we watched a French documentary, Être Et Avoir.

French films


French lessons are always great anyway as Françoise  is very patient about our ability and often gives out some snacks and champagne.  What’s not to love?  However, we have decided to watch some films without subtitles to help our listening comprehension.  This was a brilliant film to start with as Être Et Avoir is set in a primary school in the middle of the very rural Auvergne region.  One teacher, George Lopez, teaches all the children (from 4 to 11 years of age) and is the epitome of patience and kindness.  I will remember him when I lose my temper with teaching… Some of the children were completely adorable, my favourite was JoJo who had a cute face and couldn’t quite manage to clean his hands.

Unfortunately, I didn’t understand that much of the language (children’s voices are quite hard to hear), but Françoise very nicely translated and the film was lovely to watch.  We also had to do some research and present it in French as homework, which was nice to prepare. We’re now planning our next film, do suggest anything you think we should watch…