A nostalgic, sentimental oscars

What a year for actors who were once deemed ‘over the hill’. The Academy seemed to get all sentimental about their old favourites this year and it was really refreshing to see actors with thirty or forty years of experience be rewarded. Brendan Fraser used to be a firm favourite, Maddy and I even saw him in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in the West End twenty years ago (God I am so old), I am looking forward to seeing The Whale at some point. I also had a huge obsession with the Bond movies around the time of Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and vividly remember Michelle Yeoh’s turn as Wai Lin and so, just like fashion, the 1990s seems to be making a come back.

It has been an incredible achievement for Everything Everywhere All At Once and wonderful progress in terms of Asian-American representation and although I didn’t love it completely (I think most films could be twenty minutes shorter), I appreciate what it did and how innovative it was. I am sad for The Banshees of Inisherin to not get anything as I loved that film, but it has got lots of awards elsewhere.

I’m still working my way through the Oscar nominated films (I am currently half-way through The Fablemans) and hope to have seen most of them before next year’s nominations come out!


4 thoughts on “A nostalgic, sentimental oscars

  1. Francesca Hurdley says:

    I watched the first hour or so – thinking of you of course – and thought what a nice atmosphere there was. We are going to see Empire of Light at the EP on Thursday – matinee! xxx

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