The short film is finished!

3 thoughts on “The short film is finished!

  1. dirkmalcolm says:


    It has come together really well. I love the opening sequence with the envelopes as it reminded me of Casey Neiset, a New York based filmmaker, who frequently uses his hands, desk and stationery as characters in his documentaries:

    For my Herzog homage, I may drag a rubber dingy through our local woods with help from local youths. Once I get to the other side of the park I will put on Hamlet.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to the next ‘module’!


    • hhurdley says:

      Thank you! I liked the stopmotion on the Casey Neiset film and the personal feeling. The journal blog of this little film tried to emulate the diary style of Aguirre. I think Herzog and the ghost of Kinski would not be happy by something so light! My Herzog film homage would be much different, I’m still planning something…

      • dirkmalcolm says:

        My idea for a Herzog homage lacks your subtlety!! Neiset is interesting as his reputation was built on his iPod battery-life protest now he seems assimilated into the media, with his own cable show.

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