6. ‘Intolerance’ creative

Things I am intolerant to:

Kiwi fruits
Cat hair
Queue jumpers
People driving at 40mph in a 30 and 60 zone
Shop keepers calculating incorrectly
Lazy people trying to make you work harder
Ridiculously enormous fake breasts
Baby octopi (to eat)
Liver (also to eat)
Royal blue
D H Lawrence
Michael Gove
Torture porn horror
Sticky things
Orange tans
YouTube user comments
50 Cent
Keira Knightley

4 thoughts on “6. ‘Intolerance’ creative

  1. dirkmalcolm says:

    You Tube comments can be very funny in the right context. I refer you to:


    I’m with you with Gove.

    • hhurdley says:

      True – it’s just the overwhelming lack of politeness that makes me sad.

      Who isn’t with me about Gove!?

      • dirkmalcolm says:

        Yes, the general tone of the internet is self-righteous indignation.

        I used to laugh at the bumptious Gove when he was a regular on Late Review. Little did I know that he would one day be responsible for the education of my children.

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